Welcome to Prairie Wind.

 “If a hope is unfulfilled, it is simply being refined.”

And so it is with the Prairie Wind Writing Centre. The Prairie Wind Writing Centre has been a dream for many years, albeit interrupted by life several times.

Its time has come. Its vision is simple —– To enhance lives through the medium of writing.

Only I can craft my own life. Only I can choose my own path. To do so, I need a way of exploring my strengths, my values and my needs. Writing can be that way. At Prairie Wind, we use a wide variety of genres and approaches to this end.

Writing is an accessible, affordable, and effective way of deepening our understanding of our inner lives, our relationships and our place in the world.

Over time, we hope that you join us in exploring your world through writing and photography. The definition of photography is “writing with light.”

For years, we have observed the power of writing. We have seen students transform themselves, patients come to terms with illnesses, prisoners revisit their futures and many dreams become reality.

It pleases us greatly that there is now solid evidence for what we once determined intuitively – that writing enhances lives. We will share some of this research and clinical evidence on a regular basis you.

We invite you to follow us through this site. Enjoy our blog, receive notification of upcoming events, new publications, and enjoy inspirations for your own writing.