About Us


If you don’t go within, you will go without.

                                   Buddhist saying


The Prairie Wind Writing Centre is committed to encouraging and facilitating reflective writing as a mental health practice by promoting accessible, affordable, and effective opportunities to experience and practice therapeutic writing and photography. At PWWC, writing changes lives.


The “us” of PWWC includes you. Writing, of any genre, offers an opportunity to be a student of your own life and a therapist of your own soul.


The intent of the Centre is to narrow the gap between our inner and outer self, the gap that has been created out of necessity during difficult times in our lives. We think of this as “Freeing the Inner Me”.

The Personal Me

I laugh a lot, love deeply, and have a thirst for adventure. I believe life is not a problem; it is an experience to be lived. My pen and my camera are constant companions. I am blessed with a wonderful village of friends and family. I have gone digital in my darkroom, and for the most part, vegan in my kitchen. I am passionate about photography, and I manage to stay fit while wishing it didn’t require exercise.

I live on eight acres of heaven, share my life with my husband, Hal Martin, and until recently, our dog Spirit. Hal and I are life long friends who had amazing partners. In a brief window, we both lost our spouses. We now share our lives.

The Professional Me

I loved every day of my life as a psychologist and professor.  I have had the privilege of working in education, health care, corrections, and academia. Over the years, I have seen extraordinary courage in the midst of life’s most serious challenges. I have worked with incredible colleagues achieving seemingly impossible tasks. One of the highlights was my contribution to the only research center in the world that studies hope. It is now in its 28th year.

I stepped back from the mainstream of professional life to be with my husband in the last chapter of his life.

Life has given me new opportunities on all fronts. In this new chapter of my professional life, writing is central. My role in the Prairie Wind Writing Center, a partnership with my present husband, Hal, is to take the lead in designing workshops/retreats, writing books, and promoting therapeutic writing with clients and professionals.

I have a bushel of credentials and experience to complement this new adventure, please refer to my professional web site for more information http://www.ronnajevne.ca. You are also welcome to request a short version of my vitae by email.

The Personal Me

I love what life brings me each and every morning.

My wife Ronna and I live together in our home which is nestled in nature.

Marrying photographic images to poetry compositions is one of our passions. We are blessed with the perfect setting to live peaceful reflective lives.

The Professional Me

I enjoyed a fun, successful and rewarding career in engineering design and project management in the Oil and Gas industry that took me to different lands and cultures around the world.

Fifteen years ago I chose to leave life as a professional to be with my wife Audrey through an extended illness. My lifelong interests in alternative health were a blessing during those years.

This new chapter of my life with Ronna includes stewarding  business aspects for the Prairie Wind Writing Centre. In this new adventure, I am able to blend my existing skills in project management with my love of the healing aspects of reflective writing.

My task is organizing, editing, publishing, and marketing books, publications, presentations, retreats, and special product lines for our partnership.

I assist at the workshops — integrating music, movement, and meditation.

Once our “Prairie Wind” start-up is complete, I intend to  advance my love of children’s poetry and non-fiction as my part of our new and refreshing guiding principle — “writing”.



Special Offers

With proof of purchase of 10 or more books, Ronna offers a free, 40 minute conference session.