Hal Martin

The Personal Me

I love what life brings me each and every morning.

My wife Ronna and I live together in our home which is nestled in nature.

Marrying photographic images to poetry compositions is one of our passions. We are blessed with the perfect setting to live peaceful reflective lives.

The Professional Me

I enjoyed a fun, successful and rewarding career in engineering design and project management in the Oil and Gas industry that took me to different lands and cultures around the world.

Fifteen years ago I chose to leave life as a professional to be with my wife Audrey through an extended illness. My lifelong interests in alternative health were a blessing during those years.

This new chapter of my life with Ronna includes stewarding  business aspects for the Prairie Wind Writing Centre. In this new adventure, I am able to blend my existing skills in project management with my love of the healing aspects of reflective writing.

My task is organizing, editing, publishing, and marketing books, publications, presentations, retreats, and special product lines for our partnership.

I assist at the workshops — integrating music, movement, and meditation.

Once our “Prairie Wind” start-up is complete, I intend to  advance my love of children’s poetry and non-fiction as my part of our new and refreshing guiding principle — “writing”.