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Tea for the Inner Me: Blending Tea with Reflection

Tea for the Inner Me is an invitation to find that quiet and wise place within yourself by blending the ...
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Celebrating Sixty: Impulsive Meditations on more than Six Decades

Celebrating Sixty is a compelling collection of personal essays on deeply important topics such as, but not limited to, friendship ...
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Images & Echoes: Exploring life with photography and writing

This beautiful edited hardcopy book captures the explorations of seventeen women who reveal their stories through writing and images. Join ...
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Living Life as a Writer

Living Life as a Writer is a collection of more than sixty, 300-400 words reflections on being a writer. Each ...
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Zen and the Art of Illness: Surrendering to the Moment

This real-life account of the journey of two people through the experience of life threatening illness speaks to the challenge ...
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Finding Hope — Ways to See Life in a Brighter Light

"It is hope which makes the shipwrecked sailor strike out with his arms in the midst of the sea, though ...
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Guiding Client Writing

Watch for this soon-to-be-released title. Ronna has presented nationally and internationally on how to guide client writing. She is now ...
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With proof of purchase of 10 or more books, Ronna offers a free, 40 minute conference session.