Celebrating Sixty: Impulsive Meditations on more than Six Decades


Celebrating Sixty is a compelling collection of personal essays on deeply important topics such as, but not limited to, friendship and family, spirituality and abundance. The author shares a series of honest conversations about what she has navigated, created, survived, and loved. Using the lens of gratitude, we see the potential for challenge to join grace, curiosity and passion to craft a life of depth, a life of gratitude. There is no Pollyanna here, no glossing over the pain and perplexing moments. In the encounters of the author’s life, we see the kernel for celebration, not only in her life, but perhaps in our own. The insight and humour in her thoughts and reflections, interpretations and comparatives, would be richly valuable to those from any age cohort. Reading Celebrating Sixty will leave you asking questions about your own life.

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