Finding Hope — Ways to See Life in a Brighter Light


“It is hope which makes the shipwrecked sailor strike out with his arms in the midst of the sea, though no land is in sight.”


Finding Hope is a rare gem, a book that makes a difference. I personally have gifted Finding Hope to more than 300 people. The book Finding Hope is big enough to change a life and small enough to travel with you everywhere. Finding Hope is useful for both the hopeful and the hope challenged. The book plants seeds of hopefulness even in those whose situations invite despair.

With gentle invitations, thoughtful reflections, and compelling images, Jevne & Miller invite us to new understandings about hope including how to foster hope in our own lives and how to invite others to do the same. Every page offers relevant, achievable strategies for finding and practicing hope.


Finding Hope is a great resource for students, patients, health care providers, caregivers, educators, and clergy. It is well received by individuals and great as a resource for short term group interventions.

Sharon L. Moore, PhD, RN, R. Psych.
Professor, Faculty of Health Disciplines
Athabasca University


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