Images & Echoes: Exploring life with photography and writing


This beautiful edited hardcopy book captures the explorations of seventeen women who reveal their stories through writing and images. Join them as they delve into the worlds we commonly call family, work, learning, healing, relationships, and spirit. Explore along with them, your inner and outer life as they take you from Copala, to Mazatlan, to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan; from a hospital bed to a classroom; from the summit of Kilimanjaro to the Pacific Ocean; from fear to courage; from chaos to stability.

This book was privately sponsored by Krishna Gupta. She writes: I am proud to support the publication of Images and Echoes: Exploring life with photography and writing. To celebrate my sixtieth year, I wanted to give the world something that encouraged mental health, honored women, and promoted women’s writing. As a mental health advocate, I share its objective of making visible the lives and struggles of women through their writing and images. I believe so strongly that we must promote mental health for everyone and that it begins with our own stories. Every woman who tells her story honestly is an exemplar of courage.

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