Living Life as a Writer


Living Life as a Writer is a collection of more than sixty, 300-400 words reflections on being a writer. Each is accompanied by a photograph. Others are complemented by image. Some are serious. Some are light. Each essay addresses some aspect of the day to day experience of the writing life. These real life practical observations leave you asking questions about your own challenges, quirks and passions as a writer.

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Living Life as a Writer transports you to the heart and soul of the experience of living a writer’s life. Jevne skillfully creates captivating snapshots of the joys and challenges of writing, through poignant personal reflections, vivid imagery, and practical suggestions. This book will resonate with all writers who are passionate about honing their craft – an inspiring requisite companion to a writer’s life.”

~ Cheryl Nekolaichuk, experienced professional and reflective writer


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