Tea for the Inner Me: Blending Tea with Reflection


Tea for the Inner Me is an invitation to find that quiet and wise place within yourself by blending the time-honored ritual of tea and the practice of journaling. Jevne weaves the story of her early experiences of tea with the need for reflection time and with scientific evidence of the value of journaling. The author assures us we needn’t love tea or be enthusiastic about writing.

After reading a convincing argument for the need for tea for the inner me, enjoy “reflections on tea”, reflections and suggestions for journal writing and a suggestion for three conversations with yourself. Seven photographs assist the reader by being accompanied with an essential guiding question. Tea for the Inner Me will help you to turn off the radio or television, to sit quietly, and to take time for tea while you pose questions to yourself and your world with pen in hand.

“Tea for the Inner Me has changed my entire life. Taking moments of reflection for myself while sipping tea and journalling, has helped me to better understand myself and others. This has led me to a happier life.” ~ Krishna Gupta

Tea for the Inner Me makes a great gift for that special friend.

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