Zen and the Art of Illness: Surrendering to the Moment


This real-life account of the journey of two people through the experience of life threatening illness speaks to the challenge of surrendering to the moment. Using brief, poignant vignettes, some with photographs, the author shares their story of hope, uncertainty, and love.

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Reviewers have commented:

“This eloquent book will touch your very core…You will witness how one keeps hope alive at the edge of death and how one can co-habit with uncertainty.”~
(Kaye Herth, Dean Emeritus, Minnesota State University)

This book offers hope and a voice for those who are walking the path of suffering. It invites people living the experience to live in the moment and it shows by example, ways it can be done.
(Sharon Moore, Professor, Centre for Nursing and Health Studies, Athabasca University)


The practice of Zen comes shining through as both Allen and Ronna carry a stillness through intense emotion, intrusive medical intervention, and moments of inner and outer chaos.
(Kuya Minague. Resident priest at Sakuraji of the Silent Thunder Order)

Zen and the Art of Illness is a book that powerfully grips you as a reader. The journey leaves you both joyful and tearful, sometimes at the same moment… A strong statement about life, illness, hope, and meaning, Zen and the Art of Illenss is a must-read.
(Christi Simpson, PhD. Head of the Department of Bioethics, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University)


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