No Time for Nonsense: Getting Well Against the Odds


No Time for Nonsense is a classic. Norman Cousins described it as a “practical down-to-earth guide that will help patients carry out their part of the patient-physician partnership. Others have described it as a source of “hope, help and humor” written with “wit and wisdom.” Written by two experienced professionals, a psychologist and an oncologist, it combines years of experience with cancer patients.

Now years after it was written, the challenges of cancer patients have changed very little. Jevne and Levitan identify the skills and attitudes that help navigate life-threatening illness including perspective-taking, information-gathering, communication strategies, accessing resources and dealing with feelings. The text is alive with real issues and real examples. Grace Christ (of Memorial Slow-Kettering) comments, “A very useful and creative approach to living with serious illness. This book conveys great sincerity and honesty from the perspective of two people who have ‘been there.’”

A word from a reader

I first picked this book up when I was training for hospice volunteer work. It was eye-opening and massively useful even then, and in the 15 years since I have bought several copies and given them to friends dealing with serious illness of their own or their loved ones.

It remains the most useful resource I’ve come across, and has saved endless misery. I have a couple of copies permanently on hand these days.
Buy it and read it NOW, hopefully before you actually need it. Knowing this material will make a world of difference.

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