Opening Up by Writing It Down


Opening Up by Writing It Down

James Pennebaker
( of the University of Texas is the name most associated with research in this area. His work began with studies of self-disclosure. His most recent book Opening Up by Writing It Down, co-authored with Joshua Smyth, also a noted researcher, is a well-spring of information about the benefits of what they refer to an expressive writing. They document the outcome of a multitude of studies on various physical and psychological conditions. I appreciate that they also draw attention to matters of ethics and point out that writing may not be for everyone or every condition. If you intend to do research or are interested in a very readable summary of the research in this area, you will find Opening Up by Writing It Down by James Pennebaker and Joshua Smyth an excellent resource.

This part of the web site will provide you with a brief summary of findings of various studies. There is no particular theme to the selected studies. When possible the full reference for the study will be included for readers who would like to look at methodology and analysis information.


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