Finding strength and peace through reflection   —Dr. Ronna Jevne Phd.—ronnajevne.ca

National Association for Poetry Therapy   https://poetrytherapy.org

International Women’s Writer’s Guild   https://www.iwwg.org

Writing to Heal and Grow   —Sue Reynolds—https://goforwords.com

Progoff Journalling  https://www.intensivejournal.org

How About Writing   —Gillie Bolton—https://www.gilliebolton.com/

Hope Foundation   https://sites.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/hope-studies/

Words and History   —Fay Holt—http://www.wordsandhistory.ca/

Journal Therapy—Kathleen Adams

Free Fall Writing—Barbara Turner Vessalago

Published Works (Poetry)—Deena Metzger