11.9. A hole in one


A hole in one

I love a hole in one.

That delightful unexpected

rare hole in one.


I love a long putt

when gravity defies the odds.

Sinks the one I think I have missed.


I love the green

that lies like carpet

waiting for my brilliant putt.


I golf through life

aiming for a hole in one,

wanting success with little effort.


It takes a driver,

one focused swing

for those long fairways.


It takes a wedge

to chip my ball

close to the flag.


It takes a putter

for that last little nudge

before success.


So it goes in life.

One club won’t do it all.

Every stroke counts.

Avoid the out of bounds.

Be cautious in the rough.

Play the game fairly.

Sarah Jane Pennington              


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