Using ritual to practice Strategy: (May 2021)


Testing your resolve

How long does it take to develop a new practice or release an old one?

The time that it takes varies. It varies depending on our level of commitment, the practice you are developing, and the support you have or need. With a “thirty-day challenge”, it is common to successfully establish a new healthy ritual.

However, choose the duration that you prefer, if you differ.

A duration too short will be ineffective; A duration too long will be tedious.

Thirty-day challenge:

  • Identify a new practice that you want to develop or an old one you want to release.
  • Write out clearly what you will practice each day for 30 days. Keep it simple.
  • Include writing about your practice each day.
  • Print out a one-month calendar. Each day that you do the ritual, cross off one day.
  • At the end of a month, reflect on how your developing practice is progressing.

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