Please note: All Prairie Wind Writing Centre Workshops are postponed due to the Coronavirus 19. Watch for updates of workshops described under the workshop pull down. We are taking bookings for the fall of 2020 if you or your organization would like to host a workshop. Our favorite workshops are listed separately below.

Feel free to request a workshop designed to meet the specific needs of your agency or institution.


Photography for the Inner Me: I Can See Clearly Now

Explore how you see the world. Learn that the lens points both directions. As we look out into the world, we are looking into ourselves. Combine improving your photographic skills with learning about and nourishing your inner me. In some instances, we blend writing with photography to add depth to the understanding our inner life being revealed through image. When we see clearly, our lives are more satisfying. How though do we learn to “see clearly?”

Engage in short, fun assignments that invite your eye to learn to focus. Enjoy how perspective can deepen with a camera in your hand. Learn how the principles of photography can help you “see” your life in a different light. Your “eye” can help you enjoy your inner “I”.

Date, time, place: TBA

Facilitators: Ronna Jevne & Hal Martin

FEE: including lunch and workshop materials




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The Inner Author: Writing with the Inner Me

Presented by

Dr. Ronna Jevne & Hal Martin
Prairie Wind Writing Centre

Whether you write the occasional poem, pour your heart out onto the pages of a journal or have a project in mind or underway, The Inner Author is the writing getaway you may be looking for.

-recognize your unique gift and purpose as a writer

-banish your barriers

-honor your writing style and process

-reap the rewards of risking writing

Enjoy a retreat setting, a touch of pampering and an exchange of ideas about writing with others in an encouraging atmosphere. Bring that unfinished manuscript or that developing idea.

Get to know your inner author. Enjoy uninterrupted time to devote to your writing, with or without guidance and/or feedback. A one day version of The Inner author is also available.

Date, time, place: TBA

Please indicate your interest by filling out the registration form at the bottom of this page.

Fee: includes board and room, materials and participants will receive a signed copy of Living Life as a Writer by Ronna Jevne.

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Courage for the Inner Me

Need a time out in a lovely setting with reflective people?

Courage for the Inner Me: Exploring Grit, Grace, and Gratitude is an opportunity to reconnect with what you already know to be true: the grit of life is tough to take at some times, good things can still happen, and gratitude takes practice.

In a safe, caring, and creative context, retreat activities including quiet time, readings from literature, guided writing, music, and meaningful conversation invite you to a place of gratitude.

No writing experience needed. All walks of life and ages are welcome.


Date, Time & Place: TBA


Fees: include registration, meals and accommodations, and workshop materials.

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It is not easy to take time for tea, to sit down with one’s self. To take the extra moments to steep tea, perhaps to use loose tea, to turn off the radio or television, to sit quietly. To pose questions to one’s self.

It is even more of a commitment to explore our world with our pen. Whether you are young or old, whoever you are, we hope you will take time to relax in the moment while peacefully reflecting on the challenges and goodness of life.

TEA FOR THE INNER ME is an enjoyable 2.5 hours during which you are introduced to blending the ritual of tea and the practice journaling as a way of finding that quiet and wise place within yourself. You don’t need to love tea or be enthusiastic about writing. This guided experience includes actual tea and healthy goodies, an introduction to therapeutic writing, and opportunity to experience written reflection about your life. Take home new insights, new skills, and the book Tea for the Inner Me along with its accompanying journal. The workshop is appropriate for a home or work setting.

Ask your friends, staff, or colleagues to come to a Tea for the Inner Me event at your home, at your office, or in a special location of your choice.

Mental health advocate Krishna Gupta of Rohit Construction has offered to partially sponsor Tea for the Inner Me for qualifying groups and organizations.

“Tea for the Inner Me has changed my entire life. Taking moments of reflection for myself while sipping tea and journalling, has helped me to better understand myself and others. This has led me to a happier life.” ~ Krishna Gupta

For further information about how your group or organization can benefit from this generous offer contact

For further information contact or call 780-387-4673.

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Special Offers

With proof of purchase of 10 or more books, Ronna offers a free, 40 minute conference session.