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Hoping Coping and Moping: Handling Life When Illness Makes It Tough

When someone learns that they are seriously–even terminally ill, their first thought is, “Why me?” Dr. Ronna Jevne offers practical, sometimes humorous and always on-the-mark suggestions for moving beyond self-pity and towards feeling better. She’ll help you look at the effects physical suffering and illness have on your body, mood, energy, emotions, spirit, loved ones and overall quality of life.

More importantly, Dr. Jevne provides solutions for assisting recovery, promoting a positive attitude, and honing one’s coping skills. Everyone who faces a life-threatening illness or a chronic condition–as well as those who work or live with someone who is seriously ill–will find comfort and hope within these pages.

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Ronna Jevne

It All Begins with Hope: Patients, Caregivers & the Bereaved Speak Out

We are all in need of hope. Hope is key to survival. But what exactly is hope? Where does it come from? How can we recognize it? How can it be enhanced? How can it help?

Through intimate first-person accounts, photographs, and reflective insights, Jevne reveals hope in hiding. Anger and tears, laughter and prayer, solitude and community emerge as proof of the profound resilience of the human spirit.

An inspiring, supportive book for all, including those who live or work with life-threatening illness – patients, nurses, doctors, hospice workers, friends, and family members.

Endorsed by Norman Cousins, Joan Borysenko and other leaders in the mind/body movement.

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Ronna Jevne

No Time for Nonsense: Getting Well Against the Odds

No Time for Nonsense is a classic. Norman Cousins described it as a “practical down-to-earth guide that will help patients carry out their part of the patient-physician partnership. Others have described it as a source of “hope, help and humor” written with “wit and wisdom.” Written by two experienced professionals, a psychologist and an oncologist, it combines years of experience with cancer patients.

Now years after it was written, the challenges of cancer patients have changed very little. Jevne and Levitan identify the skills and attitudes that help navigate life-threatening illness including perspective-taking, information-gathering, communication strategies, accessing resources and dealing with feelings. The text is alive with real issues and real examples. Grace Christ (of Memorial Slow-Kettering) comments, “A very useful and creative approach to living with serious illness. This book conveys great sincerity and honesty from the perspective of two people who have ‘been there.’” Continue reading

The Voice of Hope Heard Across the Heart of Life

Psychologist/professor Jevne has been fascinated by hope and the attempt to understand how it develops and is strengthened through the many “voices” of everyday living. Through autobiographical narrative incidents, Jevne articulates the voices of mother, family, school, intimacy, illness, the “other,” and the Other. Throughout, she finds sustenance from people who care, from community, and from those who seek her help-such as the dying woman who asks Jevne-the-psychologist to pray for her. The Voice of Hope is a clear, simple, yet profound book. It has been recommended for public libraries.


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Ronna Jevne

When Dreams Don’t Work: Professional Caregivers and Burnout

When Dreams Don’t Work: Professional Caregivers and Burnout presents a fresh perspective on burnout. This book examines the origins and qualities of the dreams (visions) of professional caregivers and the ways those very qualities are risk factors for burnout. When Dreams Don’t Work: Professional Caregivers and Burnout also looks at the institutions in which professional caregivers (medical, educational, pastoral, law enforcement, and firefighting) invest in their professional dreams, and how those institutions contribute to the burnout process.

Presently available on Amazon. Second (and more reasonably priced) edition is in the making. Continue reading

Striving for Health: Living with Broken Dreams

Striving for Health: Living with Broken Dreams (temporarily out of print)




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