Writers Have Changed the World (January, 2021)

In Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher draws our attention to how writers have helped reshape our society.


The Courage of Ordinary Women (January, 2021)

The Train in Winter is a truly chilling portrait of ordinary women who found the courage to do extraordinary things as part of the WW2 French resistance.


Writing for your Life by Deena Metzger

My all-time favorite read in the area of therapeutic writing is Deena Metzger’s Writing for Your Life( It was the hook for my wanting to deepen my understanding of the use of writing for self- understanding and self-development. It has one of the best chapters on seeing our lives as “story” that I have read. The author intersperses challenging and meaningful exercises throughout. First published in 1992, it is still popular. I agree with the commentary on Amazon:

In the tradition of Annie Dillard and Natalie Goldberg, this resource for writers and non-writers alike shows the act of writing to be a dynamic means of knowing, healing, and creating the body, mind, and spirit.

Writing Alone and with Others by Pat Schneider

Writing Alone and with Others by Pat Schneider ( makes visible the author’s years of experience. Her conversational style speaks to the author in us and invites the reader to begin writing. Simply begin. To do so, she offers a wealth of options without intimidating or overwhelming the newcomer to writing. Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, you will find this a very good read. The latter part of the book speaks to how writing can be used in the context of various group, a rich and helpful resource for those ready to facilitate writing in their personal or professional settings.


The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith

Want to get started on your memoir? My recommendation is The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith. ( This common sense readable book is for those who are willing to plunge in. In fact, that is what the author recommends – “Stop treading water in writing exercises or hiding behind “writer’s block”. Her practical suggestions will get you writing and keep you writing with intent. Your life story is important. If you question that, begin to write and let the significance reveal itself.



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